Taking the 5-minute Shutter Train From Singapore to Johor Bahru, JB Malaysia!

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I recently discovered that besides taking the car or bus into Malaysia, there was actually an option of a FIVE-MINUTE KTM Shuttle train ride! Why didn’t I know about this before??

My friend and I decided to make an impromptu day trip to JB on a weekday. Since it was our first time, I had to make sure I didn’t get lost or go to the wrong check point etc!

The shutter operates between Woodlands Train Checkpoint in Singapore and Johor Bahru Sentral in Malaysia. To ensure you get your tickets, best to get them online beforehand, especially during the weekend. It’s SGD$5 to JB, and RM5 for the return trip.

Turns out the best way to get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint is actually from Marsiling MRT. Walk out through Exit C …

and cross the overhead bridge to the bus stop opposite Marsiling Station. Don’t worry, there are lots of signs to ensure you go the right way! Just watch out for them!

Another one!

Get down after 4 stops and you’ll be right here! Head to the TRAIN Checkpoint 🙂

You can buy your tickets there or just go to the counter to collect your pre-bought tickets.


We had to go upstairs and join the line to clear customs and immigration before boarding the shuttle train. The whole process was pretty fast though…Maybe 15 minutes.

I managed to get a quick shot of the train (Photography isn’t allowed at all once you’ve cleared customs and immigration). It’s $5 so don’t expect a fancy ride. It’s only about 5 minutes though.

Although there are seat numbers on the ticket, it turned out to be free seating (according to the people already on the train)

Yup, it’s a pretty old train

There’s JB right over there!

A very happy me! I’m always taking the train to JB from now onwards! Yay!

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